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cividist generates a website with tarballs built from the official git repos (civicrm-core.git, civicrm-packages.git, etc). It manages the CiviCRM nightly builds.

If you wish to run cividist with your own repos, you will need to do the some initial setup and then periodically build new tarballs.

cividist expects that branch names match across all repos (e.g. the 4.6 branch in civicrm-core.git must match the 4.6 branch in civicrm-packages.git). If you use a non-standard branch name, it must exist in all repos.

Setup: Make the web root

civibuild create dist --url http://dist.localhost

Setup: Register your forks


If you use forks, you should do so consistently across all repos (even if you don't have any customizations on one repo or another). The goal is to consistently name the remotes and branches across all repos.

cd build/dist/src
git remote add myfork

cd build/dist/src/drupal
git remote add myfork

cd build/dist/src/packages
git remote add myfork

cd build/dist/src/joomla
git remote add myfork

cd build/dist/src/WordPress
git remote add myfork

Setup: Permissions

If your system has specific permission requirements, then apply the permissions as you normally would. For example, if you use chgrp and and set all files as group-writable:

sudo git config --system core.filemode false
sudo chgrp -R mygroup build/dist
sudo chmod -R g+w build/dist

Periodic: Update tarballs

This will retrieve the latest code from the remote alias (eg myfork) and build new build tarballs:

cd build/dist
env GIT_REMOTE=myfork cividist update 
cividist build myfork/4.6

By default the tarballs will have the date in the name. If you don't want this you can add a FILE_SUFFIX e.g., to this command as used by Fuzion to a) use a remote called 'fuzion', b) use the branch 4.6.4rc1 from those repos & c) output using filenames like civicrm-4.6.5-drupal-nightly.tar.gz

env FILE_SUFFIX=nightly cividist build fuzion/4.6.4rc1

You can also build multiple tarballs with one command, e.g.

cividist build myfork/4.5 myfork/4.6 myfork/master

Periodic: Cleanup old/orphaned tarballs

cd build/dist
cividist prune