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This hook is called when API version 3 permissions are checked. Note that this does not apply to API version 4.


This hook can alter the $permissions structure from CRM/Core/DAO/permissions.php (as well as the API $params array) based on the $entity and $action (or unconditionally).


If a given entity/action permissions are unset, the default "administer CiviCRM" permission is enforced.


hook_civicrm_alterAPIPermissions($entity, $action, &$params, &$permissions)


  • string $entity - the API entity (like contact)
  • string $action - the API action (like get)
  • array &$params - the API parameters
  • array &$permisisons - the associative permissions array (probably to be altered by this hook)
    • Note: the entity in $permissions array use the camel case syntax (e.g. $permissions['option_group']['get'] = ... and not $permissions['OptionGroup']['get'] = ...)


  • null


  • This hook was first available in CiviCRM 3.4.1


The alterAPIPermissions function is prefixed with the full extension name, all lowercase, followed by _civicrm_alterAPIPermissions. For an extension "CiviTest" the hook would be placed in the civitest.php file and might look like:

function civitest_civicrm_alterAPIPermissions($entity, $action, &$params, &$permissions)
  // skip permission checks for contact/create calls
  // (but keep the ones for email, address, etc./create calls)
  // note: unsetting the below would require the default ‘access CiviCRM’ permission
  $permissions['contact']['create'] = array();

  // enforce ‘view all contacts’ check for contact/get, but do not test ‘access CiviCRM’
  $permissions['contact']['get'] = array('view all contacts');

  // add a new permission requirement for your own custom API call
  // (if all you want to enforce is ‘access CiviCRM’ you can skip the below altogether)
  $permissions['foo']['get'] = array('access CiviCRM', 'get all foos');

  // allow everyone to get info for a given event; also – another way to skip permissions
  if ($entity == 'event' and $action == 'get' and $params['title'] == 'CiviCon 2038') {
      $params['check_permissions'] = false;

The API function for the "get" action for the new custom API entity called "Foo" would be function civicrm_api3_foo_get();.