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Development tools

Tools included with buildkit

When you install buildkit you'll get all these tools.

This list of tools is also maintained in the buildkit readme file.

CiviCRM-specific tools

External tools installed with buildkit

These tools are not specific to CiviCRM, so you may already have some of them installed on your system. If you install buildkit you'll get all these tools at once, in addition to the CiviCRM-specific tools listed above.

  • Dependency management
    • composer - Manage dependencies for PHP code.
    • bower - Manage dependencies for Javascript code.
  • Source code management
    • git-scan - Manage a large number of git repositories.
    • hub - Send commands to
  • Source code quality
    • jshint - Check the syntax of Javascript files.
    • phpcs - Check the syntax of PHP files.
  • Site management
    • amp - Abstracted interface for local httpd/sql service (Apache/nginx/MySQL).
    • drush - Administer a Drupal site.
    • joomla (joomla-console) - Administer a Joomla site.
    • wp (wp-cli) - Administer a WordPress site.
  • Testing
    • karma (w/jasmine) - Unit testing for Javascript.
    • paratest - Parallelized version of PHPUnit.
    • phpunit - Unit testing for PHP (with Selenium and DB add-ons).

Other useful tools


Text editors

If you already have a text editor you love, then stick to that. If you're new and need some recommendations, here are some of the most popular text editors among CiviCRM developers: