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This hook is called to determine the reference-count for a record.


For example, when counting references to the activity type "Phone Call", one would want a tally that includes:

  • The number of activity records which use "Phone Call"
  • The number of surveys which store data in "Phone Call" records
  • The number of case-types which can embed "Phone Call" records

The reference-counter will automatically identify references stored in the CiviCRM SQL schema, including:

  • Proper SQL foreign-keys (declared with an SQL constraint)
  • Soft SQL foreign-keys that use the "entity_table"+"entity_id" pattern
  • Soft SQL foreign-keys that involve an OptionValue

However, if you have references to stored in an external system (such as XML files or Drupal database), then you may want write a custom reference-counters.


hook_civicrm_referenceCounts($dao, &$refCounts)


  • $dao: CRM_Core_DAO, the item for which we want a reference count
  • $refCounts: array, each item in the array is an array with keys:
    • name: string, eg "sql:civicrm_email:contact_id"
    • type: string, eg "sql"
    • count: int, eg "5" if there are 5 email addresses that refer to $dao


  • None


Suppose we've written a module ("familytracker") which relies on the "Child Of" relationship-type. Now suppose an administrator considered deleting "Child Of" -- we might want to determine if anything depends on "Child Of" and display a warning about possible breakage. This code would allow the "familytracker" to increase the reference-count for "Child Of".

function familytracker_civicrm_referenceCounts($dao, &$refCounts) {
  if ($dao instanceof CRM_Contact_DAO_RelationshipType && $dao->name_a_b == 'Child Of') {
    $refCounts[] = array(
      'name' => 'familytracker:childof',
      'type' => 'familytracker',
      'count' => 1,