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This is an overview list of all available hooks, listed by category.

Batch Hooks

Case Hooks

Database Hooks

Dedupe Hooks

  • hook_civicrm_dupeQuery - called during the dedupe lookup process, and can be used to alter the parameters and queries used to determine if two contacts are duplicates.
  • hook_civicrm_findDuplicates - called when contacts are added/updated via profiles, event registration pages, contribution pages etc. When a form is submitted CiviCRM checks if a contact already exists using one of the built-in deduplication rules and returns a contact ID if a match is found. allows you to override the contact matching rules to implement more complex rules.

Entity Hooks

Extension Lifecycle Hooks

Form Hooks

GUI Hooks

  • hook_civicrm_alterEntityRefParams - called when an entityRef field is rendered in a form, which allows you to modify the parameters used to fetch options for this kind of field.
  • hook_civicrm_alterMenu - called when building CiviCRM's list of HTTP routes and should be used when you want to register custom paths or URLS.
  • hook_civicrm_buildAmount - called when building the amount structure for a Contribution or Event Page, allowing you to modify the set of radio buttons representing amounts for contribution levels and event registration fees.
  • hook_civicrm_caseSummary - called when the manage case screen is displayed, and it allows the injection of label/value pairs which are rendered inside divs underneath the existing summary table.
  • hook_civicrm_contact_get_displayname - called to retrieve the display name of a contact, allowing you to return a custom display name.
  • hook_civicrm_customFieldOptions - Deprecated in 4.7 in favor of hook_civicrm_fieldOptions. Use that instead for modifying all option lists, not limited to custom fields.
  • hook_civicrm_dashboard - called when rendering the dashboard page and can be used to add content to the dashboard page.
  • hook_civicrm_dashboard_defaults - called while a contact views their dashboard for the first time and can be used to enable or disable the set of default dashlets.
  • hook_civicrm_fieldOptions - allows you to dynamically modify the option list for any field (including custom fields).
  • hook_civicrm_links - allows you to modify action links including: the actions at the end of a search result row, the Create New dropdown, and the Actions dropdown at the top of a contact record.
  • hook_civicrm_navigationMenu - called after the menus are rebuilt.
  • hook_civicrm_pageRun - called before a CiviCRM page is rendered.
  • hook_civicrm_searchColumns - called after a search is done, allowing you to modify the headers and/or the values that are displayed as part of the search.
  • hook_civicrm_searchTasks - called to display the list of actions allowed after doing a search, allowing you to inject additional actions or to remove existing actions.
  • hook_civicrm_summary - called when the contact summary is rendered, allowing you to modify the summary with your own content.
  • hook_civicrm_summaryActions - allows you to customize the context menu actions on the Contact Summary Page.
  • hook_civicrm_tabs - deprecated in 4.7 in favor of hook_civicrm_tabset.
  • hook_civicrm_tabset - called when composing the tabs interface used for contacts, contributions and events.
  • hook_civicrm_xmlMenu - called when building CiviCRM's menu structure, which is used to render urls in CiviCRM.

Mail Hooks

Membership Hooks

Permission Hooks

Profile Hooks

Report Hooks

SMS Hooks

  • hook_civicrm_inboundSMS - called when an inbound SMS has been received, processed by the provider extension, but not matched or processed by CiviSMS.

Scheduled Job / cron Hooks

Uncategorized Hooks