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AngularJS: Changesets

Work in progress

This documentation is still a work in progress.

The Quick Start and Loader provide examples of creating new screens. But what if you need to alter an existing screen? CiviCRM allows third-parties to define changesets which programmatically manipulate Angular content before sending it to the client.


Most AngularJS tutorials focus on idealized projects where a single developer or product-owner exercises full authority over their application. But CiviCRM is an ecosystem with a range of stakeholders, including many developers (authoring indpendent extensions) and administrators (managing independent deployments with independent configurations).




function mailwords_civicrm_alterAngular(\Civi\Angular\Manager $angular) {
  $changeSet = \Civi\Angular\ChangeSet::create('inject_mailwords')
    // ->requires('crmMailing', 'mailwords')
      function (phpQueryObject $doc) {
        <div crm-ui-field="{name: \'subform.mailwords\', title: ts(\'Keywords\')}">
          <input crm-ui-id="subform.mailwords" class="crm-form-text" name="mailwords" ng-model="mailing.template_options.keywords">
cv ang:html:list
cv ang:html:show <file>
cv ang:html:show <file> --diff