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Selenium Tests


The test suites require a small amount of setup. If your system was created via buildkit and civibuild, then it was handled automatically.

Web tests ensure the overall system is working as expected – that is, ensuring that the right things happen when you click on the right buttons.

Examples of web tests include that the event confirmation screen is displayed when I hit the register for an event button, or that all 23 contacts are displayed when I search for contacts that live in France.

You can record tests using the Selenium IDE which you can download from the Selenium website. Web tests should be recorded using an instance of CiviCRM that has standard sample data.

To ensure consistency, all tests should be carried out using the standard CiviCRM sample data.


buildkit should be installed. You will also need Java and Firefox.

Running the Web Tests

  1. Open two terminals

  2. From Terminal 1: Launch the Selenium service

    $ cd /path/to/civicrm
    $ cd packages/SeleniumRC/
    $ bash
    Runnning selenium-server-2.35.0
    Mar 06, 2015 8:58:22 PM org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher main
    INFO: Launching a standalone server

  3. From Terminal 2: Run the tests

    $ cd /path/to/civicrm
    $ cd tools
    $ ./scripts/phpunit WebTest_AllTests

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