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This hook is called to allow the user to alter the mailing recipients after they have been constructed.



This hook is called two times, once at the start and once at the end of mail recipients building, identified by $context as 'pre' or 'post' respectively


This hook was first available in CiviCRM 4.7.32


    function hook_civicrm_alterMailingRecipients(&$mailingObject, &$criteria, $context);


  • object $mailingObject - reference to CRM_Mailing_DAO_Mailing object
  • array $criteria - the criteria in terms of SQL fragments Array(string $name => CRM_Utils_SQL_Select $criterion) to manipulate mailing recipients
  • string $context - contain 'pre' or 'post' value to indicate when the hook is fired. From 5.75 There is a third context mailingQuery which is used to modify the query used to populate the mailing event queue table from the mailing recipients table


  • null


    function mymodule_civicrm_alterMailingRecipients(&$mailingObject, &$criteria, $context) {
      // fetch all emails marked is_bulkmail only AND consider only those contacts which are tagged with Volunteer
      if ($context == 'pre') {
        // criteria to choose email which are only used for mass mailing
        $criteria['location_filter'] = CRM_Utils_SQL_Select::fragment()->where("civicrm_email.is_bulkmail = 1");
        // criteria to choose contacts which are tagged 'Volunteer'
        $criteria['tag_filter'] = CRM_Utils_SQL_Select::fragment()
                                  ->join('civicrm_entity_tag', "INNER JOIN civicrm_entity_tag et ON et.entity_id = AND et.entity_table = 'civicrm_contact'")
                                  ->join('civicrm_tag', "INNER JOIN civicrm_tag t ON = et.tag_id")
                                  ->where(" = 'Volunteer'");
        // criteria to change order by to use is_bulkmail
        $criteria['order_by'] = CRM_Utils_SQL_Select::fragment()->orderBy('civicrm_email.is_bulkmail')