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Formatting utilities

CiviCRM provides a utility class to help with formatting in a locale-aware way.


Money formatting is done by the brickmoney library. Generally the format is derived from a combination of the currency and locale. The Civi::format helper class is supported for use in extensions to do this formatting. Some examples are:

Code Output
Civi::format()->money('10', 'USD', 'it_IT') 10,00 USD
Civi::format()->money('10', 'USD', 'fr_CA') 10,00 $ US
Civi::format()->money('10', 'USD', 'en_CA') US$10.00
Civi::format()->money('10', 'CAD', 'en_CA') $10.00 (note no currency identifier)

If no locale is provided then the fallback will use the setting format_locale from 5.47 onwards, if set and if not then the site language. Note that if the site is in (for example) New Zealand and is using 'English (United States)' as the language it is probably important to set the format_locale to 'English (New Zealand)' or it will think that NZD transactions need the currency to be output to disambiguate the currency.

Money settings

Note that if format_locale is set then the brick money is 'in charge' of determining format and other currency localisation settings (thousandSeparator, decimalSeparator) are ignored. There is also a setting moneyFormat ('Monetary Amount Display') which is only respected by the legacy CRM_Utils_Money::format method, which is being phased out.