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This hook is called every time the CiviCRM scheduler is polled.


The timing and frequency with which this is called will vary depending on the system configuration.

Introduced in CiviCRM v4.3.

This is a low-level approach

There are two ways to build on top of the CiviCRM scheduler. hook_civicrm_cron is a low-level approach which calls your code with an unpredictable schedule – in some systems, it could be once a day; in others, once every minute, every 5 minutes, every hour, every 2 hours, ad nauseum. You must ensure that your code will behave well in all these situations. Alternatively, the Job API is a higher-level approach by which you may register scheduled jobs ("Daily", "Hourly", etc), and the scheduler will make a best effort to match the declared scheduler. See, e.g., "Create a Module Extension: How does one add a cron job"




  • CRM_Core_JobManager** $jobManager**


 * Implementation of hook_civicrm_cron
 * Flag records in a custom table as dirty if they are over 2 days old.
 * Rerunning this logic at various times throughout the day should be safe
 * because there are no guarantees about when it will run.
function example_civicrm_cron($jobManager) {
  CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery('UPDATE my_table SET is_dirty = 1 WHERE last_modified < adddate(now(), "-2 day")');