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This hook is called during the dedupe lookup process, and can be used to alter the parameters and queries used to determine if two contacts are duplicates.


The dedupe mechanism is triggered in four places:

  1. when a CMS user account is created and connected to an existing or new CiviCRM contact;
  2. during contact imports, where the incoming file records are compared with the existing database;
  3. when a contact record is created through the interface; and
  4. when a find duplicate contacts rule is run (comparing a group of contacts or the entire database with itself).

Using the hook parameters, you can isolate how and when your rule modifications are used.

Note that this hook depends upon the existence of a dedupe rule created in the interface in order for it to be called. It works by allowing access to the queries constructed by an interface-create rule.You can modify or completely replace the query or queries that would be run at the point the hook is called, as illustrated below.

You cannot define rule groups with this hook.


hook_civicrm_dupeQuery( $obj, $type, &$query )


  • @param string $obj object of rulegroup class
  • @param string $type type of queries e.g table / threshold (I'm pretty sure these correspond to strict and fuzzy in the UI)
  • @param array $query set of queries
  • @access public


  • null


  • Available since 3.3


The example below rewrites the queries for the individual rule group entitled "My Dedupe Rule Group Name" when performing site-wide deduping. It combines six fields into a single query, thus speeding up the duplicate search process.

function example_civicrm_dupeQuery( $obj, $type, &$query ) {
  //don't run these during user account/contact creation
  if( $obj->noRules || $type != 'table')

  if ( $obj->title === 'My Dedupe Rule Group Name' ) {

      //first unset existing queries
      $query = array();

      //now set threshold to match our revised rule
      $obj->threshold = 5;

      if ( empty($obj->params) ) {
          //set new query when doing an internal dedupe (finding duplicate contacts)
          $query['civicrm_contact.last_name.5'] = "
SELECT id1, id2, 5 weight
FROM civicrm_contact t1
  JOIN civicrm_contact t2 ON ( t1.first_name = t2.first_name AND
                               t1.last_name = t2.last_name AND
                               IFNULL(t1.middle_name,0) = IFNULL(t2.middle_name,0) AND
                               IFNULL(t1.suffix_id,0) = IFNULL(t2.suffix_id,0) )
  INNER JOIN civicrm_address a1 on
  INNER JOIN civicrm_address a2 on AND
             a1.postal_code = a2.postal_code AND
             a1.street_address = a2.street_address
WHERE t1.contact_type = 'Individual'
  AND t2.contact_type = 'Individual'
  AND <
  AND t1.last_name IS NOT NULL
  AND t1.first_name IS NOT NULL
  AND a1.postal_code IS NOT NULL
  AND a1.street_address IS NOT NULL";