Form Builder

Form-Builder provides a flexible form interface allowing editing a variety of CiviCRM entities as well as a developer interface.

At the moment the available UI entities are strictly hard coded. This is simply because others have not been tested/verified.

It is possible to expose entities by adding a declaration. To do this:

  1. ensure the entity in question has apiv4 crud entities
  2. create a php file in the following location - afformEntities/EntityName.php as you can see here in the deduper extension
  3. add the following detail - where url-autofill is the default value for autofill when adding this entity to a form.
return [
  'entity' => 'ContactNamePair',
  'label' => 'Equivalent name pair',
  'defaults' => "{'url-autofill': '1'}",

Future schema plans

In future we are likely to make this part of the schema - this is an interim method.