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This hook is called when composing the array of membership types and their costs during a membership registration (new or renewal).


The hook is called on initial page load and also reloaded after submit (PRG pattern). You can use it to alter the membership types when first loaded, or after submission (for example if you want to gather data in the form and use it to alter the fees). You can also use this to restrict which membership types are available in a non-priceset configuration (e.g implementing permissions as in the financialacl extension)


hook_civicrm_membershipTypeValues(&$form, &$membershipTypeValues)


  • object $form - the form object that is presenting the page
  • array $membershipTypeValues - the membership types and their amounts


Give a 50% discount to some memberships in the sample data

function civitest_civicrm_membershipTypeValues($form, &$membershipTypeValues) {
  $membershipTypeValues[1]['name'] = 'General (50% discount)';
  $membershipTypeValues[1]['minimum_fee'] = '50.00';

  $membershipTypeValues[2]['name'] = 'Student (50% discount)';
  $membershipTypeValues[2]['minimum_fee'] = '25.00';

Modify specific fee values

function mymodule_civicrm_membershipTypeValues(&$form, &$membershipTypeValues) {
  foreach ($membershipTypeValues as &$values) {
    if ($values['name'] == 'General') {
      $values['minimum_fee'] = "5.55";
    if ($values['name'] == 'Student') {
      $values['minimum_fee'] = "2.22";