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This hook allows you to modify the content and format of name badges.


Available in 4.5+.


hook_civicrm_alterBadge($labelName, &$label, &$format, &$participant);


  • $labelName - a string containing the name of the Badge format being used
  • $label - the CRM_Badge_BAO_Badge object, contains $label->pdf object
  • $format - the $formattedRow array used to create the badges--contains information like font and positioning

    • there is one entry for each element (6 in total, as you can see here /civicrm/admin/badgelayout?action=update&id=1&reset=1) with array of values for each element. Each array has the following keys: token, value, text_alignment, font_style (bold, italic, normal), font_size, font_name (the options for each key are the options that are available on this screen: civicrm/admin/badgelayout?action=update&id=1&reset=1), for example:

      \ token => {participant.participant_role}

      text_alignment => C

      font_style => bold

      font_size => 20

      font_name => courier

      value => Staff

  • $participant - array of token values for participant that will be displayed on badge, includes contact_id



function hook_civicrm_alterBadge($labelName, &$label, &$format, &$participant) {
  if ($labelName == 'My Custom Badge') {
    // change the font size for contact_id=12
    if ($participant['contact_id']==12){
      foreach ($format['token'] as $valueFormat){
        $valueFormat['font_size'] = 10;