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This hook is called to display the list of actions allowed after doing a search, allowing you to inject additional actions or to remove existing actions.


hook_civicrm_searchTasks( $objectType, &$tasks )


  • $objectType - the object for this search - activity, campaign, case, contact, contribution, event, grant, membership, and pledge are supported.
  • $tasks - the current set of tasks for that custom field. You can add/remove existing tasks. Each task is an array with a title (eg 'title' => ts( 'Add Contacts to Group')) and a class (eg 'class' => 'CRM_Contact_Form_Task_AddToGroup'). Optional result (boolean) may also be provided. Class can be an array of classes (not sure what that does :( ). The key for new Task(s) should not conflict with the keys for core tasks of that $objectType, which can be found in CRM/$objectType/Task.php.


  • null

Example (Disable an existing task)

function civitest_perm () {
  return array(
    'access add contacts to group search action'

function civitest_civicrm_searchTasks($objectType, &$tasks ) {
    if ( $objectType == 'contact' ) {
        // remove the action from the contact search results if the user doesn't have the permission
        if (! user_access( 'access add contacts to group search action' )) {

Example (Add a new task)

function smsconversation_civicrm_searchTasks( $objectName, &$tasks ){
  if($objectName == 'contact'){
    $tasks[] = [
      'title' => 'SMS - schedule a conversation',
      'class' => 'CRM_SmsConversation_Form_ScheduleMultiple'