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This hook is called to display the list of actions allowed after doing a search, allowing you to inject additional actions or to remove existing actions to legacy style searches. For SearchKit searches use hook_civicrm_searchKitTasks


hook_civicrm_searchTasks(string $objectType, array &$tasks)


  • $objectType - the object for this search - activity, campaign, case, contact, contribution, event, grant, membership, and pledge are supported.
  • $tasks - the current set of tasks for that custom field. You can add/remove existing tasks. Each task is an array with a title (eg 'title' => ts( 'Add Contacts to Group')) and a class (eg 'class' => 'CRM_Contact_Form_Task_AddToGroup'). Optional result (boolean) may also be provided. Class can also be an array of classes. This is used when the action of the task is carried out in more than one step, by code contained in multiple classes. For example the 'Data Export' action has two steps: a selection of export options performed by (a subclass of) CRM_Export_Form_Select, and a definition of fields to be exported performed by (a subclass of) CRM_Export_Form_Map. The key for new Task(s) should not conflict with the keys for core tasks of that $objectType, which can be found in CRM/$objectType/Task.php.


  • null

Example (Disable an existing task)

function civitest_perm(): array {
  return ['access add contacts to group search action'];

function civitest_civicrm_searchTasks(string $objectType, array &$tasks ) {
  if ($objectType === 'contact') {
    // remove the action from the contact search results if the user doesn't have the permission
    if (!user_access('access add contacts to group search action' )) {

Example (Add a new task)

function smsconversation_civicrm_searchTasks(string $objectName, array &$tasks){
  if ($objectName === 'contact'){
    $tasks[] = [
      'title' => E::ts('SMS - schedule a conversation'),
      'class' => 'CRM_SmsConversation_Form_ScheduleMultiple',