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APIv3 Examples

All the APIv3 Examples are generated through Tests in the CodeBase and are auto-generated from those tests so we can be certain of the code that is given.

Location of Examples

The most current examples can be found in CiviCRM's GitHub Repo on the Master Branch. When you install CiviCRM the Examples that come with the particular version of CiviCRM you have installed can be found in <civicrm_root>/api/v3/examples. You will also be able to view them through the API Explorer by clicking on the Examples tab in the Explorer.

Creating a New Example

If you find that there is an API call or similar or perhaps a parameter for an API call that you feel is missing an example for that would be useful to the community, you can create a new example in the following way:

  1. Find the relevant API test file e.g. tests/phpunit/api/v3/MembershipTest.php
  2. Write your unit test with the API call that you want to create an Example of, however rather than using $this->callAPISuccess use $this->callAPIAndDocument. The Call API and Document function should be called similar to the following

    $description = "This demonstrates setting a custom field through the API.";
    $result = $this->callAPIAndDocument($this->_entity, 'create', $params, __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, $description);
  3. Find in tests/phpunit/CiviTest/CiviUnitTestCase.php Find the function documentMe and comment out the if (defined) statement.

  4. Run the test suite locally for that test e.g. ./tools/scripts/phpunit 'api_v3_MembershipTest'.
  5. Commit results including changes in the Examples dir and open a pull request.