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This hook is called to alter the parameters used to generate mailing labels.


CiviCRM 4.1 or later


function hook_civicrm_alterMailingLabelParams( &$args )


  • $args: reference to the associative array of arguments that are about to be used to generate mailing labels -
@param array $args an array of the args for the tcpdf MultiCell api call with the variable names below converted into string keys
  (ie $w become 'w' as the first key for $args).
  If ishtml is set true, then a subset of the args will be passed to the tcdpdf writeHTMLCell api call instead.

float $w Width of cells. If 0, they extend up to the right margin of the page.
float $h Cell minimum height. The cell extends automatically if needed.
string $txt String to print
mixed $border Indicates if borders must be drawn around the cell block. The value can
be either
  a number:
    0: no border (default)
    1: frame or
  a string containing some or all of the following characters (in any order):
    L: left
    T: top
    R: right
    B: bottom
string $align Allows to center or align the text. Possible values are:
  L or empty string: left align
  C: center
  R: right align
  J: justification (default value when $ishtml=false)
int $fill Indicates if the cell background must be painted (1) or transparent (0). Default value: 0.
int $ln Indicates where the current position should go after the call. Possible values are:
  0: to the right
  1: to the beginning of the next line DEFAULT
  2: below
float $x x position in user units
float $y y position in user units
boolean $reseth if true reset the last cell height (default true).
int $stretch stretch carachter mode:
  0 = disabled
  1 = horizontal scaling only if necessary
  2 = forced horizontal scaling
  3 = character spacing only if necessary
  4 = forced character spacing
boolean $ishtml set to true if $txt is HTML content (default = false).
boolean $autopadding if true, uses internal padding and automatically adjust it to account for line width.
float $maxh maximum height. It should be >= $h and less then remaining space to the bottom of the page,
 or 0 for disable this feature. This feature works only when $ishtml=false.

NB: not all html tags are supported, not all style parameters are supported, and improperly constructed html tends to lead to errors and crashes.


  • null


function mymodule_civicrm_alterMailingLabelParams( &$args ) {
    $args['ishtml'] = true;