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This hook generates a list of AngularJS modules and allows you to register additional AngularJS modules. It is currently experimental.


This hook is available in CiviCRM 4.5+. It may use features only available in CiviCRM 4.6+.




  • &$angularModules - an array containing a list of all Angular modules. The key for each item is the name of the module. The value for each item is an array with the following key/value pairs:

    • 'ext' =>(string) - The name of the CiviCRM extension which has the source-code.
    • 'js' =>(array) - List of Javascript files. May use the wildcard (*). Relative to the extension.
    • 'css' =>(array) - List of CSS files. May use the wildcard (*). Relative to the extension.
    • 'partials' =>(array) - List of HTML folders. Relative to the extension.
    • 'settings' =>(array) - Runtime data to export from PHP to JS.
      • This is mapped to the JS global (Ex: array("foo"=>"bar"), which would be available as
    • 'requires' =>(array) - List of AngularJS modules required by this module.
      • Default: array().
      • CiviCRM 4.7.21+
    • 'basePages' =>(array) - Unconditionally load this module onto the given Angular pages.
      • If omitted, the default is array('civicrm/a'). This provides backward compatibility with behavior since v4.6+.
      • For a utility that should only be loaded on-demand, use array().
      • For a utility that should be loaded in all pages use, array('*').
      • CiviCRM 4.7.21+


  • null


function mymod_civicrm_angularModules(&$angularModules) {
  $angularModules['myAngularModule'] = array(
    'ext' => 'org.example.mymod',
    'js' => array('js/myAngularModule.js'),
  $angularModules['myBigAngularModule'] = array(
    'ext' => 'org.example.mymod',
    'requires' => array('ngRoute', 'crmUi'),
    'basePages' => array('civicrm/a'),
    'js' => array('js/part1.js', 'js/part2.js'),
    'css' => array('css/myAngularModule.css'),
    'partials' => array('partials/myBigAngularModule'),
    'settings' => array(
      'foo' => 'bar',