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URL Filter Support In Searches

In some cases it is possible to bookmark search URLs with parameters in them in order to quickly re-access searches.

The parameters that are accepted by CiviCRM has been changing across versions. However, we have been standardising our approach and the parameters documented here have been added in a standardised manner and can be expected to work going forwards. Testing has been done on 5.20 & 5.21 but some of these parameters are available in earlier versions.

To construct a parameterised url you need to

  1. ensure the URL contains 'reset=1&force=1' (after the question mark)
  2. add additional supported parameters.

Date/Time Parameters

Date/time parameters require that, either, the time component is omitted entirely 20200101 or specified with a full six digit time 20200101235959

So, for example, in 5.20 the following URL works on Drupal (with Clean URL support) to find contributions made by a person with a name like Bob, a contribution source like dad made on or before 01 Jan 2018 civicrm/contribute/search?reset=1&reset=1&force=1&sort_name=bob&receive_date_high=20180101&contribution_source=dad

The following parameters work in a standardised way for contribution searches:

Field Example Comments Min version (where known)
sort_name sort_name=bob Sort name is like bob% or %bob% depending on your site config *
contribution_source contribution_source=dad Contribution source like %dad% or 'dad%' *
cancel_reason cancel_reason=dunno Contribution source like %dunno% or dunno% *
invoice_number invoice_number_reason=xyz Invoice Number like %xyz% or xyz% *
contribution_page_id contribution_page_id=1 5.21 PR
receive_date_high receive_date_high=20180101132323 Contribution received on or before 01 Jan 2018, 1.23 pm
receive_date_low receive_date_low=20161001 Contribution received on or after 01 Oct 2016
receive_date_relative receive_date_relative=this.year Contribution received this year
contribution_cancel_date_high contribution_cancel_date_high=20180101132323 Contribution cancelled on or before 01 Jan 2018, 1.23 pm
contribution_cancel_date_low contribution_cancel_date_low=20161001 Contribution cancelled on or after 01 Oct 2016
contribution_cancel_date_relative contribution_cancel_date_relative=this.year Contribution cancelled this year
event_high event_high=20190101000000 Event end date on or before 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
event_low event_low=20190101000000 Event Start date on or after 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
event_relative event_relative=this.year Event Start Date on or after ths start of this year and the event end date on or before the end of the year 5.21 PR
participant_registration_date_high participant_registration_date_high=20190101000000 Participant Registration Date on or before 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
participant_registration_date_low participant_registration_date_low=20190101000000 Participant Registration date on or after 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
participant_registration_date_relative participant_registration__date_relative=this.year Participant Registration Date on or after ths start of this year and the event end date on or before the end of the year 5.21 PR
participant_status_id participant_status_id=1,2 Participant Status in Registered and Pending Pay Later 5.21 PR
participant_role_id participant_role_id=1,2 Participant Role IN (Attendee, Host) 5.21 PR
case_start_date_high case_start_date_high=20190101000000 Case Start Date on or before 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
case_start_date_low case_start_date_low=20190101000000 Case Start Date on or after 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
case_start_date_relative case_start_date_relative=this.year Case Start Date on or after the start of this year and on or before the end of the calendar year 5.21 PR
case_end_date_high case_end_date_high=20190101000000 Case End Date on or before 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
case_end_date_low case_end_date_low=20190101000000 Case End Date on or after 1 January 2019 5.21 PR
case_end_date_relative case_end_date_relative=this.year Case End Date on or after the start of this year and on or before the end of the calendar year 5.21 PR
case_type_id case_type_id=1,2 Case Type is one of Housing Support or Adult Care Support 5.21 PR
case_status_id case_status_id=1 Case Status is Opened 5.21 PR
case_subject case_subject=test Case subject like %test% 5.21 PR
case_deleted case_deleted=1 Case is deleted 5.21 PR
case_id case_id=1 Case id = 1 5.21 PR
case_owner case_owner=2 Only My Cases 5.21 PR
case_tags case_tags=1,2 Case Tags in (1,2) 5.21 PR
  • Whether text fields search for LIKE %dad% or LIKE dad% depends on the site wide setting 'Automatic Wildcard' under Administer CiviCRM -> Customize Data and Screens -> Search Preferences For large sites turning this off gives a significant performance improvement but it means that searching for 'dad' will return 'daddy' but not 'grandad'.

Date Formats

In general there are two types of date formats to use

  1. _high or _low fields take an 8 or 14 digit number representing Year, Month, Day and optionally Hour, Minute and Second - eg. 20180921235959 means 21 September 2018 at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. You could leave off 235959 and it would mean at zero o'clock - ie midnight.

2) Relative date fields. The available options are somewhat configurable by site but most sites should have the following

value Means
current.month Current calendar month to-date
current.year Current calendar year to-date
current.quarter Current quarter to-date
current.week Current week to-date Day prior to yesterday
greater_previous.month From end of previous calendar month
greater_previous.year From end of previous calendar year
greater_previous.quarter From end of previous quarter
greater_previous.week From end of previous week
greater.month From start of current calendar month
greater.year From start of current calendar year From start of current day
greater.quarter From start of current quarter
greater.week From start of current week
ending.year Last 12 months including today
ending_2.year Last 2 years including today
ending_3.year Last 3 years including today Last 30 days including today Last 60 days including today
ending.week Last 7 days including today Last 90 days including today
previous_before.month Month prior to previous calendar month
starting.year Next 12 months including today
starting.month Next 30 days including today
starting_2.month Next 60 days including today
starting.week Next 7 days including today
starting.quarter Next 90 days including today
next.month Next calendar month
next.year Next calendar year
next.fiscal_year Next fiscal year
next.quarter Next quarter
next.week Next week
previous_2.month Previous 2 calendar months
previous_2.year Previous 2 calendar years Previous 2 days
previous_2.quarter Previous 2 quarters
previous_2.week Previous 2 weeks
previous.month Previous calendar month
previous.year Previous calendar year
previous.fiscal_year Previous fiscal year
previous.quarter Previous quarter
previous.week Previous week
previous_before.quarter Quarter prior to previous quarter
this.month This calendar month
this.year This calendar year
this.fiscal_year This fiscal year
this.quarter This quarter
this.week This week
less.month To end of current calendar month
less.year To end of current calendar year
less.quarter To end of current quarter
less.week To end of current week
earlier.month To end of previous calendar month
earlier.year To end of previous calendar year
earlier.quarter To end of previous quarter
earlier.week To end of previous week To end of yesterday Today Tomorrow
previous_before.week Week prior to previous week
previous_before.year Year prior to previous calendar year Yesterday