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Everyday tasks

This section discusses the every day tasks associated with administering grants with CiviGrant.

CiviGrant Dashboard

Go to Other > Grants > Dashboard to access the CiviGrant Dashboard. Here you will see a summary of the grants registered in your CiviCRM database, and a table of recent grant recipients.

Viewing grants

There are a couple of ways to view grants:

  • The Grants dashboard gives a summary of the status of all grants in your CiviCRM, grouped by grant type. It also gives an overview of recent grants.
  • An individual contact's grants can be viewed from the Grants tab on their record.

Adding and editing grant recipients

After Wookie Hole Community Action selected its grant recipients for the Cave Festival, their grant administrator looked up the contact record of each successful applicant and entered a new grant record for each one.

To add or edit grant recipients:

  1. Go to Other > Grants > New Grant.
  2. Either select an already existing contact or create a new contact to add the grant to.
  3. Complete the details of the grant. Fill in as many details as possible, including any custom data that has been set up; but you can also edit and update the grant details at a later stage.
  4. Click Save.

Grants can be edited and updated at any time using the edit link which appears in the grant record.

Recording Reports

When reports are received from grant recipients, you can edit the grant information (either from the CiviGrant dashboard or the contact's record). Check the Grant Report Received? box in the form and add any appropriate notes.