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Reports and analysis

There are a few techniques for reporting on and analysing grants. The grant dashboard gives a quick overview of your grant types. Aside from this there are

  • The Find Grants search form
  • The grants tab in advanced search
  • The Grant report

Searching for grant data

CiviCRM makes an important distinction between contacts and grants. Sometimes it is useful to get the answer to your grant related question in terms of contacts, e.g. which contacts were successful grant applicants in 2011. Other times it is more useful to have the answer in terms of grants, e.g. how many grants applications did we get for our Community Chest this year? Think about whether you are interested in the grant or the contact before doing any grant searching.

The Find grants search allows you to search based on grant data and return grants. The Advanced search allows you to search based on most grant data and combine that with other contact information and return contacts.

Searching based on these criteria gives you access to simple totals. It also the option to export as CSV for further analysis.

Grant reports

Out of the box, CiviCRM comes with one report that can be used for Grants. This report can be used, for example to show details for all grants of a particular grant type. The report has agregatted statistics at the bottom for amount requested and granted.

More analysis

If you can't do what you want with a built in report or search, consider commissioning a new report or custom search. Read the CiviReport section for more information.