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What is CiviCampaign?

CiviCampaign lets you link together events, mailings, activities, and contributions under one "umbrella" so that you can track the progress of all your efforts towards one programmatic goal or campaign. This enables organizations to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their outreach and mobilization efforts.

CiviCampaign allows you to:

  • create surveys and petitions
  • record responses to surveys and petitions
  • link activities such as donations, mailings and events to a particular campaign
  • track who has voted using Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • record individual members' levels of interest and engagement in a particular activity.

CiviCampaign is integrated with other CiviCRM components so that you can select which activities are part of the overall campaign or goal.

For Drupal sites, the CiviEngage module enhances CiviCampaign by providing a package of custom fields that enable the Survey and Petition features of CiviCampaign. Read more about CiviEngage in the Civic Engagement section.

Scenario: Year-long mobilization campaign

To kick off a year-long campaign to mobilize community members, the Townsville Organisation For Tenants (TOFT) held a protest at the Capitol. The organizers used CiviCampaign to connect all related activities together over the course of the campaign.

The lead organizer created a campaign called "Mobilize the Masses 2011" to link a series of related activities including communications about the mobilizing event, participation and financial contributions for transport and food during the action.

Using CiviCampaign, the organisers:

  • created a Campaign as the umbrella for all related activities, including the duration of the campaign and the revenue goal
  • created a group consisting of the individuals they wanted to target for the activities in the campaign
  • called their most active members to help organize other constituents in their neighborhoods to participate and recorded the activity phone call in the individual's record, indicating the specific campaign and the member's response
  • sent a mass fundraising mailing and indicated the campaign, which was then recorded in the contribution information of individuals' records
  • created an event to track who would be attending the mobilization, and indicated the campaign in the event setup.

Periodically throughout the campaign, the program lead searched all of the activities related to the campaign and/or individuals who have activities related to the campaign, to monitor the effectiveness of their outreach and fundraising efforts, and if necessary adjust strategies.

Organizers can relate subsequent events, mailings, and other activities with the same campaign as it proceeds over the course of the year. At the end of the campaign this information can be reviewed within the context of the whole campaign.