Reports and analysis

You can use CiviReport or CiviCRM's search features for reporting on and analysing contributions.

Contribution reports

Out of the box, CiviCRM comes with thirteen contribution reports designed to help you analyse your contributions.

A contribution summary report allows you group contributions by different criteria including including the contact that made the contribution, time period, type, location and view summary statistics for these contributions. The accompanying contribution detail report is automatically called when clicking on any rows from the summary report. It can also be called on its own to provide a detailed report for a specific subset of contributions. These two reports can be useful for analyses such as what percentage of our income is coming from different fundraising campaigns, or from events vs. memberships, etc.

The repeat contribution reportcompares the total amount of contributions that contacts have made in two different time periods. As well as the totals, it shows the percentage increase/decrease. This report is useful for tracking contacts who have stepped up their giving, or who giving less than before. SYBUNT report AND LYBUNT report are two strangely named but useful reports that allow you to find donors that gave in 'some years / last year but not this year'.

Two reports, the contribution by household reportand contribution by organisation reportallow you to aggregate

contributions by household or organisation. This is useful for organisations that make use of these two concepts. For example, you can see all contributions that have been made by employees of one organisation and thank them as a whole, or see the contributions made by a particularly active family. These reports will also include any donations that are attached to the organisation or household record, for example a donation made by the organisation after an collective office fundraising event.

The top donors reportprovides a list of the top donors during a time period you define. You can include as many donors as you want (for example, top 100 of your donors).

The personal campaign page report is useful to get an overview of the status of all personal campaign pages. You can filter by contribution page to see personal campaign pages for a single campaign and other appropriate criteria.

The soft credit report is useful for looking at all your soft credits and seeing who are at least partially responsible for other people's donations.

The contribution aggregate by relationship report lists a contact's donation history, grouped by year, along with contributions attributed to any of the contact's related contacts.

The recurring contributions reportprovides information about the status of recurring contributions.

The bookkeeping transactions report provides transaction details for all payments, including financial type and accounts, transaction number, invoice ID, payment instrument and check number.

These reports has been configured to display particular information but you can create a new report from the relevant report template to suit your particular needs. See Reporting Set-up for details.

Searching based on contribution data

CiviCRM makes an important distinction between contributions and the people that made the contributions. It is important to appreciate the difference between the two when you are searching contributions. For example, if you want to send a gift to all people that made a contribution in the last year, what would be more appropriate? Contacts or contributions? The answer depends on whether you want to send two gifts to people that made two contributions and there is of course no right or wrong answer - it just depends on your approach. It is important to think about this each time to do a search.

The Find contributions search allows you to search based on contribution data and return contribution records. The Advanced search allows you to search based on some limited contribution data (and combine that with other contact information) and return contacts. You can also choose contribution from the Display Results As column to show contributions rather than contacts.

Searching based on criteria gives you access to simple totals and also the option to export as CSV for further analysis.

More analysis

If you can't do what you want with a built in report or search, consider commissioning a new report or custom search. Read the CiviReport section for more information.