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By the end of this session, you should understand how to manage a grants scheme using CiviCRM


Specific objectives:

  • Understand how to configure CiviGrant
  • Understand how to manage the different grants types and produce reports

Learning points

You should aim to cover the following points in this session

  • Grant configuration
  • Adding custom fields
  • Using the grants report

Session Plan

This session should last 30 minutes.

Basic concepts

Give an overview of what the Grants module is used for (making sure learners understand that this is for the management of a grant scheme that is run by your organisation). The current restrictions should be discussed - grants can only be added manually via the user interface and that there is no connection to the contribute module.

Add a new Grant type and discuss the large range of custom data which might be required (e.g. type of beneficiaries, the outcome of the grant, the beneficiary location, etc).

Explain the grant application process and add a number of grants.

Search for the newly added grants via the Grant Dashboard

The learners should then do the exercises found in the Grant Handout

More useful tools for Grant

Explain that the Wiki / CiviCRM book contains further detail