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Dummy payment processors

In these exercises, we are using the dummy payment processor.** **You can use the following details to carry out transactions with the dummy payment processor

  • Card type: Visa
  • Card number: 4111111111111111
  • Security code: 000
  • Expiry date: any future date
  • Name: Any name


Recording offline contributions

1) Record the following contribution for your own contact record

  • Contribution type: Donation
  • Amount: 500
  • Paid By: Cheque (with number 500559)

2) Did you send a receipt for this donation to yourself? If not, edit the contribution and send the receipt.

Creating a simple contribution page

1) Create a simple contribution page for this years fundraising appeal (we'll make the page more sophisticated in further exercises, but lets start with something simple.

  • Set the goal amount to 50,000
  • Suggest the following donations levels: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000
  • Select the dummy payment processor

2) Once you have created your contribution page, test that it is working as expected by making a donation using the contribution page. Test out your form as both an anonymous and logged in user. What happens when you are logged in?

Tip: you can find the URL of your live contribution page by clicking on the contribution links at the top of the contribution page and selecting Online contribution (live).

3) Use the checklist below to make sure the donation process happened as expected.

  • Smooth experience for donor?
  • Donor received confirmation email?
  • Contribution was recorded in CivCRM OK?

Enhancing your contribution page

If you have time, why not try making one or more of the following improvements to your contribution page?

1) Add a premium to your contribution page so that people that donate at least 50 get a cool T-shirt

2) Make sure that the donor can spread the word about your fundraising campaign via social media

3) Create a new contribution type called 'Annual fundraising drive' and make sure that all contributions collected via this page contribute to are classed as this contribution type.

4) Remove the confirmation page to increase the conversion rate for your donations

5) Add a 'Donate' link to your contribution page in the primary links menu on your site.

6) Create a custom field for a profile that allows donors to choose one of three different ways for you to spend their contribution and add this question to your contribution page via a profile.

7) Create a widget that shows how well you are doing towards meeting this pages fundraising goals and put in on your site's home page.

8) Improve the thank you and receipting with a message that, for example encourages the donor to take another action

More contribution exercises

1) Create a report that shows the total amount donated for each person in the Newsletter subscribers group.

2) Further break down this report so that you each donor's contributions are broken down by the year that they were given.