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By the end of this session, you should understand CiviMember and be comfortable managing memberships.

More information

You can find more information and background on the topics covered in this session in the CiviCRM user and administrator book events section.


Create a membership type in CiviCRM and a contribution page so people can register for membership online. You can either use the details below or make up your own membership information.

Online membership signup

Note: be sure you understand the distinction between creating a new membership and a new membership type

  1. Create a membership type with the following details

  2. Type name: Associate Member

  3. Membership Organisation: Inner City Arts
  4. Fee: 500
  5. Type: Fixed
  6. Duration: 1 year
  7. Relationship Type: Employees
  8. Visibility: Public

  9. Create a contribution page to be used for your new membership types signup and renewal. Make sure that you:

  10. Allow people to pay later

  11. Include a suitable profile (the fields you would like users to complete) in the contribution page
  12. Enable the Tell a Friend feature.

  13. Log out and test the membership registration process. Make sure that you choose the pay later option.

  14. Log back in and find the membership dashboard. Is your membership there?

  15. A couple of weeks later, you receive a cheque for the payment. Record that the cheque was received and ensure that the membership and contribution statuses are as expected.

Question: what would happen if you tested the membership registration process when logged in?**

Scheduled reminders

  1. Create a Scheduled Reminder for your membership type. This needs to be automatically sent out to members 2 weeks before the end of their current membership.

  2. Add a suitable email message and use appropriate tokens to personalize the message.

Advanced membership exercises

  1. Create a 'price set' for your contribution page which allows different types of user to pay differing amounts for their membership

  2. Adjust the grace period for your membership type to 2 months

  3. Add a new membership status which identifies contacts that are in their last month of membership.