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By the end of this session, you should understand CiviEvent and be comfortable managing events and participants.

More information

You can find more information and background on the topics covered in this session in the CiviCRM user and administrator book events section.


Create an event in CiviCRM so that people can register online. You can either use the details below or make up your own event.

Getting started with events

  1. Create an event with the following details

  2. Title: Harvest Dinner Festival

  3. Description: up to you
  4. Date: 25 October
  5. Price: 100 (50 if you register one month before)
  6. Capacity: 100 people

  7. Promote the event on your site's home page by add a link to the event information page.

  8. Log out and test the event registration process.

Question: what would happen if you tested the event when logged in?**

Working with events

  1. Create an attendee list for the Fall fundraiser dinner (using the Report template 'attendee list'

  2. Print out name badges for participants of the Fall fundraising dinner.

  3. Create a 'Price Set' for 'Harvest Dinner Festival' event which allows people to

  4. buy a table for a specific number of people (ensure that each person at the table will increase the participant count for the event)

  5. purchase a souvenir mug
  6. purchase a souvenir T-shirt

  7. You've decided to run dinner events every month. Create a new event template for them to make it easier for event administrators to create them.

  8. Create a new event type 'Dinner' that you can use to categorise your Dinner events, and update the template so that it pre-selects this event type.

Advanced events exercises

  1. Schedule a reminder that will be automatically be sent to participants 1 week before the event

  2. Turn on the approval and waiting list functionality. (To do this, you need to turn on the appropriate participant statuses.)