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Website integration


Linking to CiviCRM pages

  1. Create a new page (from the Drupal menu, choose 'Content' > 'Add content') on your site called 'Donate' that links to all the contribution pages in your CRM.
  2. Add this page to the main menu of your site
  3. Add a new menu item to the Main Menu (from the Drupal menu, choose 'Structure' > 'Menus') that points to the the contact dashboard (this is available for all logged in users at 'civicrm/user'). Call this link 'My dashboard'
  4. Configure the dashboard so that it only shows events that people have been to and their membership status.


  1. Change the permissions so that staff cannot edit events
  2. Log in as a staff person to check that this permission has been set correctly

Advanced website integration

Note: this is an advanced exercise. You might want to ask your trainer or google for help.**

  1. Create a Drupal view that shows all public events with links to more information and registration.