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CiviCRM Training Guide

Scope of this guide

This guide is a work in progress!

This guide is a work in progress and contains formatting issues and content issues. Please consider contributing to this guide on github.

This guide is aimed at CiviCRM trainers who train users, system administrators and developers who would like to learn more about configuring and using CiviCRM.

You will find sections for sessions, courses and handouts. Each session covers a discrete topic, and includes aims, learning points, a session plan and exercises. Most sessions also have a corresponding handout in the handouts section. The courses suggest how sessions may be compiled to create training that runs over a longer period of time (maybe one or two days), and may be around a specific topic, such as memberships.

The sessions and courses can be run with groups of learners and the trainer will need access to a CiviCRM installation, which is loaded with the standard sample data, a projector and a suitable venue. If you would like the learners to complete the supplied exercises the trainer will also have to ensure that each learner can access their own CiviCRM installation loaded with sample data.

Editing this guide

The hope is that trainers will add new course programmes to the guide, as and when they have devised and delivered them.


This guide is collaboratively written by the CiviCRM community, with facilitation from the Documentation Working Group.

It draws heavily on training material written by Michael McAndrew and Oliver Gibson.