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Set up


By the end of this session, you should understand the main CiviCRM configuration settings.

More information

You can find more information and background on the topics covered in this session in the CiviCRM user and administrator book. As an administrator you have a lot of control over how CiviCRM looks and behaves. Most core configuration happens via the administration menu.

The 'configuration checklist' is a useful tool for newly installed sites. It points to common configuration options that new administrators should look at. You are prompted to go through the configuration checklist when you install CiviCRM. It is also available from the administration menu.


You will be asked to make a number of configuration changes You can either use the details below or make up your own information.

  1. Look through the configuration checklist and make sure you have a good overview and understanding of each of the options. Ask for help if you have specific questions about any of the items on the list.
  2. Set the default and available countries for your CiviCRM installation
  3. Add your organisational address and contact information
  4. Turn off all CiviCRM components
  5. Switch CiviCRM to your preferred language
  6. Disable the Instant Messenger and Open ID fields
  7. Configure a mapping provider
  8. Look through the System Message Templates
  9. Add your email address to the list of From Email Addresses
  10. Change the Display Preferences - try to experiment to see what differences the changes make