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By the end of the session you should be able to add, update activities along with understanding how to use them to improve your contact engagement.


Become familiar with basic concepts of CiviCRM Activities, understand those activities created automatically, be comfortable creating and working with activities, and gain an understanding of how to leverage activities to improve tracking specific information on a contact.

Learning points

Things to learn:

  • Auto generated CiviCRM activities
  • Add an Activity
  • Customize Activity Types
  • Customize Activity Status
  • Custom Activity Fields
  • Emails sent automatically to assigned contacts
  • Scheduled Activities
  • Activity Notes
  • Repeat Activities
  • Follow-up Activities

Session Plan

This session should take 60 minutes. Explain that we'll cover the basics and have hands on exercises.

Activities Overview (10)

Explain that the purpose of Activities is to be central place that tracks the history of interactions with your contacts.

Explain the types of activities that are automatically recorded by CiviCRM such as when they register for an event, you send an email via CiviCRM or when they renew a membership. This is different than the change log.

Review the many ways an organization can use Activities to record interactions with donors, volunteers, partners or sponsors. Ask the participants to share their ideas or how they use activities.

Discuss ways that individuals can use Activities to keep track of tasks, follow-ups or to-dos.

Add an Activity (5)

Walk through adding an activity. Explain required and optional fields.

  • Activity Type
  • Added By
  • With Contact
  • Assigned to
  • Subject
  • Campaign (CiviEngage)
  • Engagement Index (CiviEngage)
  • Location
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Activity Status
  • Details
  • Priority
  • Attachments
  • Repeat Activity
  • Follow-ups

Customization - Type, Status, Fields (6)

  • Review how to change or add new Activity Types.
  • Review how to change or add new Activity Status'.
  • Review how to add Custom Fields to an activity. Include discussion about specifying for an Activity Type.

Future Activities (9)

  • Review tie between activity status and future dates for scheduling future activities.
  • Review assigning an activity to self or another person.
  • Review how to track future activities that need to be done.

Exercises (30)