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By the end of this session, you should understand how to create a new Grant type, add custom fields and use the Grant module to run a grants programme


Use the Grants Configuration Example (see below) or you can use your own example

  1. What grant types or funds could an organisation distribute? Add these as Grant Types.
  2. What is would the grant application workflow be and how can you map it to Grant statuses? (See Grant Status examples below.)
  3. Add a new set of fields and some custom data fields. If your organisation uses grant application or monitoring form(s) you could use these as a starting point.
  4. Now that you have customized Grants, add some grants with a few with different statuses.
  5. Go back to the Grant Dashboard and to see how it displays a quick overview of system grants.
  6. If you have time look at the Grant Reports and experiment with the result

Grant Configuration Example

  • Grant Types: Access to Volunteering Fund; Local Area Improvement Fund
  • Grant Statuses: Applied; Awarded; Unsuccessful; Monitoring Due
  • Grant Custom Data :

    • A set of check-boxes for Grant beneficiaries (where you can select one or more options):Carers, Children & Young People, Families, Older People, Refugees, Women
    • A set of check-boxes for Targeted Theme: (where you can select one or more options): Employability, Healthy Living, Learning/Skills, Stronger Community