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Base page

CiviCRM public pages are built by overlaying the WordPress front page with CiviCRM content, thus using the front page's template. To use a different template, we must tell CiviCRM to use a different page as a starting point. Follow these steps:

  • Add a new WordPress page. We can call it anything, but let's give it a permalink of civicrm.
  • Leave the body blank (it won't be used anyway).
  • Select the desired theme template for the page.
  • Click Publish.
  • Add the URL for the base page at Administer > Settings > CMS Database Integration.

URLs that were previously of the form:

will now look like this:


The legacy method was to define the base page in the wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm.settings.php file - e.g by setting define('CIVICRM_UF_WP_BASEPAGE', 'civicrm');

For more details, check the issue: CRM-10682.