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This documentation is currently being written. Check back often!


A powerful, flexible, user-friendly form builder for CiviCRM.


If you run into an issue/bug go to the Drupal project page and search the issue queue. Issues should only be filed against the latest branch so if you're encountering an issue on another version please upgrade first.


Webform CiviCRM module is recommended add-on/related project for Drupal 8 Webform module. The maintainer of Drupal Webform module has put together a series of video tutorials and resources. Check them out here: Jacob Rockowitz Drupal 8 webform videos

Special Upgrade Steps

You don't need to re-do your forms!

You won't need to rebuild your webforms when you upgrade to Webform 6.x - you may need to re-add some fields due to changes however you shouldn't need to delete and re-make your forms - if you experience any problems please make sure you file an issue!

Starting with Webform CiviCRM version 8.x-5.0-beta5 Webform version 6.0 or later is required. To update you can run the following command:

composer require 'drupal/webform:^6.0'

Or make the following change in your composer.json file.

"drupal/webform": "^6.0",