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Configuring Front-end Contact Dashboard in Joomla Sites

CiviCRM includes the ability to expose a Contact Dashboard which gives logged in front-end users the ability to view their subscribed groups, membership(s), contribution(s) and registered events. This section covers adding a link to this page to your front-end site menus.

Verify that the Contact Dashboard works properly in the your Joomla Administrator interface.

  • Navigate to My Contact Dashboard - linked from the CiviCRM Shortcuts block on any CiviCRM page.
    • You should see contact-related information for the contact that is linked to "your" (i.e. administrator) record.

Add "My Contact Dashboard" as a menu item using the Administrator Menu Manager

  • Login to Administrator if not already logged in.
  • Click Menu on top navigation bar and select the menu you want to add the link to (for example - mainmenu ).
  • Click New icon (top right).
  • Click Menu Item Type and select CiviCRM Dashboard from the civicrm section
  • Enter a Name for the menu item (e.g. "Contact Dashboard").
  • Complete the remaining fields (Parent Item, Access Level, Published).

    Do NOT use PUBLIC Access Level for this menu item. Users must be logged in to the front-end for this feature to work. Otherwise CiviCRM has no way to identify the person's contact record.

  • Click Save & Close.

Verify permissions are set correctly in CiviCRM

  • Navigate to your CiviCRM Home.
  • From the Administer menu, choose Users & Permissions , then Permissions (Access Control)
  • Select Joomla Access Control
  • Under Registered, l ook for CiviCRM: Access Contact Dashboard. Make sure this is set to Allowed.
  • Scroll to the top and click Save & Close.