Stripe Payment Processor for CiviCRM.

Integrates the Stripe payment processor (for Credit/Debit cards) into CiviCRM so you can use it to accept Credit / Debit card payments on your site.


Latest releases can be found here:

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Compatibility / Requirements

  • CiviCRM 5.10+
  • PHP 7.0+
  • Jquery 1.10 (Use jquery_update module on Drupal).
  • Drupal 7 / Joomla / Wordpress (latest supported release). Not currently tested with other CMS but it may work.
  • Stripe API version: 2019-02-19
  • Drupal webform_civicrm 7.x-4.22+ (if using webform integration)


Current Maintainer: Matthew Wire -

Original Author

Joshua Walker - -

Other Credits

Peter Hartmann -

For bug fixes, new features, and documentation, thanks to: rgburton, Swingline0, BorislavZlatanov, agh1, jmcclelland, mattwire