CiviBanking is a CiviCRM extension for analysing and processing bank statements or transaction reports exported from payment providers, such as PayPal, Mollie, or Visa.

The extension can import transactions from these statements into a CiviBanking-internal data structure and uses a series of plugins to transform the raw data into CiviCRM actions. Actions can be many things including changing the status of an existing contribution (reconciling), matching a membership or creating a contribution record.

Since a bank account is crucial information for reconciling bank statement transactions, CiviBanking provides a new entity for storing bank account information on contact records in multiple formats, e.g. IBAN, national account and bank numbers, or payment provider identifiers.

CiviBanking configuration is highly individual, quite a lot of scenarios can be modeled with CiviBanking, and also be set up to process automatically. However, configuring CiviBanking for a specific scenario is not an easy task and involves writing JSON code.