CiviCRM Documentation

CiviCRM offers community contributed documentation below. We encourage everyone to contribute to documentation.

Some older documentation has not yet been migrated here and can still be found on the CiviCRM Wiki.


Documentation for CiviCRM "Core", that is, CiviCRM when it is installed without any extensions.


Extensions can be installed within CiviCRM to provide new functionality not available in core. Below are extension-specific documentation books for those extensions which have documentation provided on this site - currently only a small fraction of all available extensions.

If your extension isn't listed above, it may have documentation elsewhere. Here are some places you can look:

  • The extension's website as listed in the CiviCRM Extensions Directory
  • The "Documentation" link when viewing the extension details in CiviCRM at Admin ➡ Settings ➡ Extensions
  • If no luck there, find the extension online and look for documentation
  • Finally, consider contributing to documentation for the extension - the first step is to open an issue on the extension's issue tracker!

If you are an extension maintainer, follow these instructions to add documentation for your extension here.