CiviCRM offers community contributed documentation below. We encourage everyone to contribute to documentation. CiviCRM welcomes all contributions and contributors in line with our community code of conduct.


These books contain information on the CiviCRM Commmunity including policies, notable groups and useful processes.

  • Handbook

    by the CiviCRM Community

    A collection of CiviCRM's community policies and conventions.


These books contain information on installing and configuring the CiviCRM core, that is, CiviCRM without community-contributed extensions. In these books you'll also find information on CiviCRM's underlying coding concepts, APIs, hooks and really everything you need to get started developing for CiviCRM.


Extensions can be installed within CiviCRM to provide new functionality not available in core. Below are extension-specific documentation books for those extensions which have documentation provided on this site.

If your extension isn't listed above, it may have documentation elsewhere. Here are some places you can look:

  • The extension's website as listed in the CiviCRM Extensions Directory
  • The "Documentation" link when viewing the extension details in CiviCRM at Admin -> Settings -> Extensions
  • If no luck there, find the extension online and look for documentation
  • Finally, consider contributing to documentation for the extension - the first step is to open an issue on the extension's issue tracker!

If you are an extension maintainer, follow these instructions to add documentation for your extension here.