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Logging volunteer hours

Staff can log actual hours worked by each volunteer on a regular basis which can be useful to track for funder reports.

How to

Log hours as follows:

  1. Go to Volunteers > Manage Volunteer Projects
  2. Find your project
  3. Click Log Hours
  4. Fill out the Actual Duration and Status columns.


As of version 2.2.1, a known bug prevents you from logging some hours unless you log all hours for all assigned volunteers at once.

"Hours worked" are stored within the activity for the assignment. See reporting for more info about viewing this data after it's logged.

Commending volunteers

Within the Log hours screen, you can also click the star icon to write a "commendation" for the volunteer's performance within the project. It just gets stored in CiviCRM — it doesn't get emailed to them.

Commendations are stored as separate activities (with the type "Volunteer Commendation"). Once made, you can see them on the Activities tab for a contact.


Commendations are associated with projects not with assignments. If you have a volunteer who worked the "Set up" assignment and the "Clean up" assignment for an event, you will only be able to write one commendation for them, as a summary of their performance throughout the entire project.