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Use the following steps to install CiviVolunteer.

  1. Administer > System Settings > Extensions
  2. Add New
  3. Sort by name
  4. Find, download, and install both of these extensions:

    • CiviVolunteer
    • Angular Profiles

      CiviVolunteer requires this additional extension, Angular Profiles, in order to function properly.

  5. If necessary, click Enable after the extension has been downloaded and installed. When the extension is enabled:

    • CiviVolunteer should show up as green-highlighted.
    • The option to Disable it will be present.

Discovering features after installing

After installing, CiviVolunteer's features can be found in the following places:

  • A 'Volunteers' menu item
  • A 'Volunteers' tab within the configuration for each event
  • A 'Volunteer Report' report template


CiviVolunteer adds a handful of new permissions which should be configured within your CMS before using.


If you no longer wish to use CiviVolunteer, you may disable it, or uninstall it.

  • Disable - will turn off CiviVolunteer's features, but preserve any data that you have created with it. If you re-enable CiviVolunteer later, you'll be back where you left off.
  • Uninstall - can be done after disabling, and will completely remove all traces of CiviVolunteer, including the data created with it. If you re-install CiviVolunteer later, you'll be back to square one, before you ever installed it.