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Upgrading from older versions

Important notes

The old ukdirectdebit extension MUST be uninstalled before installing this new extension. However, all the payment information will be retained.

If you follow the instructions below the payment processor configuration will be retained, but the extension settings will NOT be migrated and will need to be done manually (take a screenshot of the settings page before uninstalling).

Steps to upgrade from the older extension

  • Change smart debit payment processor type to paypal express in civicrm (so you don't lose the payment processor settings)
  • Disable/Uninstall smart_debit_reconciliation via CiviCRM UI!
  • Disable/uninstall SmartDebit extension

    `drush civicrm-ext-disable`
    `drush civicrm-ext-uninstall`
  • Disable/uninstall ukdirectdebit extension

    `drush civicrm-ext-disable`
    `drush civicrm-ext-uninstall`
  • Remove extensions:

    `rm -rf`
    `rm* -rf`
  • Delete existing:

  • Smartdebit scheduled jobs

  • Download/install new extensions (smartdebit)

    `git clone`
    `drush civicrm-ext-install org.civicrm.smartdebit`
  • Change Payment processor type back to Smart_Debit in CiviCRM UI

  • Configure Smart debit extension (civicrm/admin/smartdebit/settings)

Cached collection reports

If upgrading from a previous version it is likely that you will need to rebuild the collection reports cache in CiviCRM. This can be done by running a manual sync and specifying todays date - see Manual Sync