Signup for Direct Debit payments

Configure sign-up page

Create a contribution page with the smart debit processor enabled. Make sure the following is set

  • Recurring contribution OR Membership is configured for auto-renew.

Test the contribution page

It should look something like this:

signup page


Confirm details.

Confirmation page

Completion of signup

Here you see the confirmation and, importantly, the direct debit mandate that the customer may print if they wish.

signup thankyou thankyou mandate


The following entities will have been created during sign-up and may need attention:

  • New contact (if the contact didn't already exist)
  • Recurring contribution.
  • Contribution. contact contributions

  • Membership (if contribution form was for membership) - this will be in Pending state until the payment is confirmed during a sync. Note: This may take up to a month as the direct debit payment will not be taken until the specified date. contact membership

  • Recurring contribution activity.

  • Direct Debit sign-up activity (showing Smart Debit payer Reference).
  • Direct Debit confirmation letter (If Post was selected as confirmation method). This will be in Scheduled state and will need to be picked up by the admin team. contact activities