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Manual Sync


This is normally done automatically via the scheduled synchronisation job. Manual sync would normally be used for troubleshooting or initial setup of Smartdebit with CiviCRM.

Cached collection reports

Manual sync can be used to synchronise any collection reports that are downloaded, synchronised, or it can download the latest daily reports. This is very useful if reinstalling or syncing with Smartdebit for the first time.

Configure a scheduled job to automatically retrieve collection reports

If you disable the automatic sync it is a good idea to setup a daily scheduled job to retrieve the collection reports so they are available when you are ready to perform a manual sync. Use the Smartdebit.retrievecollectionreports API to do this with parameter "daily=1".

You can perform a manual sync by selecting Manual Sync from the Administer->CiviContribute->Smart Debit menu.

Step 1: Start Manual Sync

manual sync step 1

Clearing and populating the collection reports cache

Step 2: Select AUDDIS/ARUDD dates

Manual sync step 2

Step 3: View data

Manual sync step 3

Step 4: Confirm Sync

If you have anything to sync you can begin the sync