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Technical documentation


Pelf's configuration is stored JSON-encoded in a pelf_config setting. For details of this structure see the pelfConfig key from the Pelf.getconfig API (see below).

APIv3: Pelf.getconfig

Returns the settings and other metadata from CiviCRM.

  pelfConfig: {
    caseTypes: [<case_type_name>, ...],
    statusMeta: {
      <case_status_name>: {
        phase: 'prospect|contract|failed|dropped|completed',
  caseStatusesInUse: [
    { id, name, label, color, grouping },

The phase groups status options with the following meanings:

  • prospect - this status is used while actively pursuing this venture. e.g. the following statuses might be used in this phase: research, approach, negotiation.

  • live - we won, and these statuses are used during the management of the contract. e.g. 'live contract', 'evaluation', 'final report'

  • whatever is needed (may only need one)

  • completed - we won funds, spent them, and it's all wrapped up.

  • failed - efforts to get funds were unsuccessful; they turned us down.

  • dropped - we stopped the process, e.g. having researched the prospect we decided it was not suitable.

caseStatusesInUse is the list of case statuses used by case types that belong to Pelf.