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How to upgrade a Prospect to a contract

Great, you secured some funding!

Update the pipeline stage (case status)

You now need to change the case stage. The name of the stage might differ according to how your organisation's bespoke pipelines, but for example's sake, we'll say you have a "Contract" stage that is used when you've won and got an agreement in place.

Simply find the case, and edit the Case status to Contract.

You have the opportunity to record details about this change, e.g. "We were short-listed, then selected after two rounds of interviews. They are particularly keen on our climate work."

Update the likelihood percentage

Now it’s signed and sealed, you should update this to 100 so that its full value shows in reports.

Simply find the case, and click Edit on the custom data set.

Review the funding allocation

From the Pelf listing screen, click on the amount to edit the allocations. Make sure that the figures are broken down accurately with regard to financial year (yours) and project.

Schedule reporting timetable etc.

Your new project probably comes with a timeline for reporting, or other key things-to-do. Now is a good time to record these as scheduled activities with future dates.