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How to record a reporting deadline, meeting, phone call etc.

These things can all be stored as Activities on the case.

  1. Find the case.

  2. From the Add Activity drop-down, choose Meeting, Phone call, ... (you can edit the list of activity types from the Administer » Customise Data and Screens » Activity Types page; you can edit the list of activity types available to a particular case type from Administer » CiviCase » Case Types)

  3. Complete the activity form as normal. e.g.

    • Add a suitable date, subject

    • Assign it to the staff who will be responsible for it.

    • Add any relevant others using the 'with other contact(s)' link. e.g. if you and a colleague are meeting with Wilma from Funder X, you could add yourself, your colleague and Wilma, as well as Funder X (which will already be on the field). That way you'll have a good record of who the meeting involved, as well as giving the meeting exposure on the contact records of Wilma, Funder X, you and your colleague.

    • Set it to Scheduled or Completed

    • You can choose to set the priority to Urgent if you like. This will show up flagged on the Pelf case listings.

  4. Add other data as you need to in the normal way, press Save.


  • The next scheduled activity and the latest past activity are shown in Pelf's listings.
  • All activities to do with a case are listed on the Case Management screen.