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How to tweak pipeline stages

The stages of your pipeline are stored as Case Statuses.

  • You can edit case statuses from Administer » CiviCase » Case Statuses.

  • Case statuses need to be configured in Case Types. e.g. if you add a new "Negotiating" stage, and you want to use that on your Grant Application pelf case types, you'll need to edit that case type (Administer » CiviCase » Case Types) and select this case status for use with that type. CiviCRM requires that a case status is categorised as either Open or Closed.

  • Pelf requires that case statuses are further categorised as: Prospect, Live, Completed, Unsuccessful, Dropped. You do this from Administer » CiviCase » Set-up Pelf

When is it safe to change a status/stage?

Keep in mind that there may be existing data (i.e. cases) that use existing stages. If you delete one, that's going to cause problems as that case will no longer have a status! Likewise if you recategorise one, the new category will immediately apply to the cases using that stage, with no trace/log kept.

So before considering any change, make sure you are aware of which cases will be affected. This might mean that you add new case statuses, update your cases to one of the newly added statuses and then delete (or better: set inactive) the old status.