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Set up your webhook


While we're on this settings page. You will want to tick the Force Recurring checkbox (see Settings).

Figure out your webhook endpoint URL

A "webhook endpoint" is a URL that GoCardless' system will use to tell your CRM about payments.


A webhook endpoint URL won't do anything if you visit it; it is not a web page.

In CiviCRM, visit Administer » CiviContribute » GoCardless Settings. This page will show you the URLs that you need.

Set up the webhooks at GoCardless

Login to your GoCardless sandbox account again (it's at - doing this in a separate tab might be helpful.

Click Developers from the panel on the left, then click the Create button and choose Webhook endpoint.

  • Name: whatever you like. "CiviCRM Test" would be reasonable.

  • URL: copy and paste the Test webhook URL from the page you opened above.

  • Secret: enter the webhook secret that you entered for the test payment processor.

  • Webhook client certificate: leave that un-checked.

Then click the final Create webhook endpoint button.

You should now see your webhook listed with a green dot and "enabled" in the Status column.


You can't set up a webhook to a private URL. e.g. if you have a development/staging server that's not publicly available, this is not going to work. GoCardless needs to be able to reach the webhook URL.

All set! Now let's test it...

Next step: Set up a Contribution Page