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Change log

1.11.2 (not released yet)

  • Adds more logging output (This was supposed to be in 1.11.0 but got lost while moving the code from github to gitlab)

  • Now uses the standard 400 Bad Request HTTP response instead of the non-standard 498 Invalid Token response. As well as it being good to stick to standards, the 498 may get changed to a 200 (giving false hope that the request was successful to the untrained eye that doesn't spot it's supposed to be 204 for success) by the server. (This was supposed to be in 1.11.0 but got lost while moving the code from github to gitlab)


  • Settings are now better validated/checked. Every time settings are loaded (by Api4 Setting.get, or by our getSettings method directly) they are validated, missing defaults are applied, and these changes saved.

  • Receipt policy now defaults to 'defer', instead of 'never'. This is inline with normal CiviCRM behaviour, so if you're using a custom set-up you must ensure 'never' is configured if/when you rebuld/reinstall.

  • Bug in settings screen meant that you could not select 'defer' for receipt policy (it was previously storing recur which is an invalid value where it should have stored defer)

  • New hook added: civicrm_GoCardlessSubscriptionCancelled($contributionRecurID). This will fire after the IPN/webhook has processed a Subscription Cancelled event.

  • Note on core CiviCRM bugs: There are 2 known bugs in CiviCRM 5.39 - 5.41 (not tested beyond this) both affect memberships.

    • Membership start date gets set to 'today' when a payment is created via the API and skipStatusCal is set. This could lead to people being short changed on their memberships, but I suspect it mostly affects imports, test cases

    • Existing Membership status gets set to Pending whenever Order.create wants to add a membership contribution. There's a PR for this,, but at the time of writing this is not in 5.41 or 5.42. This could result in people losing memberships while they're trying to renew.

  • Developers' notes: The tests have had a massive rewrite, thanks to funding from a-n. The tests no longer use the prophesy mock framework (since it is removed in later versions of phpunit). The tests acknowledge the core bugs and work around them or flag them up as Incomplete (with descriptions when run with phpunit -v).


  • A clean-up of code around handling completed payments; strip out work that is now done by core CiviCRM, and for the bits we still need to override (e.g. setting Contribution receive_date to the charge date of the completed payment) we do this with SQL not the Contribution.create as this sometimes seems to do too much resulting in errors like DB Error: already exists when Civi (5.31 at least) for some reason tries to add a duplicate row in the activity-contact table. See

  • Adds more logging output (it was assumed these were included, but actually they got missed off)

  • Now uses the standard 400 Bad Request HTTP response (it was assumed these were included, but actually they got missed off)

  • Added hook_civicrm_alterPaymentProcessorParams support to alter the params sent to GoCardless for creating subscription.

  • Introduces a hook to alter or override the completeRedirectFlowWithGoCardless. See CRM_GoCardless_Hook

  • Implement doPayment instead of the old, deprecated doTransferPayment. See

  • Fix trouble with receipt policy (duplicate receipts or none!) - see

  • Fix 'source' not populating in subsequent contributions. - see

  • New feature: day of month to take payments. Thanks to Matt Wire @mattwire for this contribution.

  • Note: the phpunit tests run successfully on 5.36 and 5.38 (current Civi version at time of release).


  • Improvement to the force recurring/renew option (see note in 1.10.0 and Settings). In 1.10.0 the auto-renew box was getting un-checked by CiviCRM core's code when you changed membership type. This release fixes that case.


  • New settings form. Administer » CiviContribute » GoCardless Settings

  • Option to send receipts (previously it just didn’t) (fix #61)

  • Option to prevent users from forgetting to tick the Recurring and Auto-renew boxes. (fix #72)

  • Stores CiviCRM contact, contribution and contribution recur IDs on subscriptions at GoCardless (fix #79)

  • Various fixes related to webhook URLs.

  • (Developers: new import script konp.php may be useful to study and adapt for special cases including importing membership)


  • Reduce timeout for changing "Pending" recurring contributions to "Failed" from 24 hours to 0.66 hours. See issue #76 You can still override this as a parameter, should you wish.

  • developers: fixed problem getting and setting the processor ID in import script. Thanks @jmdh for this. Also, there's been a massive refactor of the import script.

  • Use supplemental_address_1 and 2 when prefilling GC address fields. Thanks @TomCranshaw

  • Implement new doCancelRecurring and support payment propertyBag, needed in recent core versions. Thanks @mattwire

  • Exclude guzzle dependency of the GoCardless library: CiviCRM core already provides guzzle 6, so this extension bringing it in as well is not needed or helpful.

  • New docs!

  • Move to standard webhook URLs (old one still supported for now) and new helper page (Administer » CiviContribute » GoCardless Webhooks) to spell out the correct URLs to use.


  • Move to Payment.create API instead of older (and deprecated) Contribution.completetransaction API.
  • This is from PR #70 (Thanks @mattwire) which fixes issue #63 on some sites where the first contribution never gets completed.
  • Also this method is now used for repeat payments.

  • Fix some issues with the system checks (PR #69 thanks @mattwire)

  • Treat HTTP headers sent by GoCardless webhooks as case-insensitive, as now required by GoCardless (they changed the way they sent HTTP/1.1 headers).

  • Fix missing/invalid configuration for payment instrument and payment method.

1.9 For CiviCRM 5.19+

  • Do not install v 1.9 from - it's missing the important libraries! Use 1.9.1

  • Supports changing the amount and cancelling a subscription via CiviCRM main user interface (issue #6). It does not support letting supporters themselves change these things.

  • One-way-upgrade: we now store the GoCardless subscription ID in both trxn_id and processor_id in the civicrm_contribution_recur table. This is because some parts of CiviCRM's UI require us to reference the record via processor_id which was unused up to this point. An upgrade task should populate existing data.

  • Some membership dates logic was failing in the tests under CiviCRM 5.19. This version passes its tests again.

  • Fix issue when setting up a weekly membership (issue #59 - thanks to MJW Consulting for reporting and suggesting fix)

  • Improvements to code standards; better support for translation possibilities; move tests to phpunit6.

1.8 Big changes

  • Now with pictures showing the lifecycle of Contribution and ContributionRecur records.
    Lifecycle diagrams

  • Major change, possibly breaking: multiple GoCardless payment processors now allowed. Previous versions had assumed a single GoCardless payment processor, and that's fine for most organisations. However, some organisations have cause to use multiple GoCardless accounts with one CiviCRM instance.

This change should hopefully be invisible to you and existing sites should continue to work as before, with the possible exception of anyone who has done a custom (non-CiviCRM Contribution Page) donation form and used the GoCardless classes directly. If you have done this then you need to adjust your code, removing calls to:

  1. CRM_GoCardlessUtils::getApi
  2. CRM_GoCardlessUtils::getRedirectFlow
  3. CRM_GoCardlessUtils::getPaymentProcessor

In cases (1), (2), you should now be looking to find an appropriate CRM_Core_Payment_GoCardless payment processor object (e.g. use

// This assumes you only have one active GoCardless processor.
$processor_config = civicrm_api3(
    ['payment_processor_type_id' => 'GoCardless',
     'is_active' => 1, 'is_test' => 0]);
$processor = Civi\Payment\System::singleton()->getByProcessor($processor_config);
$redirect_flow = $processor->getRedirectFlow(...);
$gc_api = $processor->getGoCardlessApi();

) and call its methods which have the same names. In case (3) please just use CiviCRM's native methods for finding a payment processor.

Currently these methods are left in but will trigger E_USER_DEPRECATED errors to help you find use.

  • Now handles "Late Failures"

With BACS (and SEPA, although that's not yet supported here) payments can apparently be "Confirmed" one day, then next day they can still fail. This is just to keep you on your toes.

It's called late failure.

Until v1.8 we didn't know about late failures which would result in 'Completed' contributions being recorded which had actually failed the next day.

This new version of the extension handles late failures by changing the Contribution status to Refunded. Note that CiviCRM will not let us change a Completed Contribution to Failed, which is why it's processed as a refund.

  • Scheduled job for abandoned/failed mandate setups

When a user clicks submit and is redirected to the offsite GoCardless page to enter their bank details, a recurring contribution and a contribution record are created as Pending on their Contact record.

If the user gives up at this point then those records would stay in "Pending", which means you can't then easily differentiate between those abandoned ones and the ones that should complete soon.

v1.8 includes a scheduled job which will look for any Pending recurring contributions older than 24 hours and will mark them as Failed. The Pending Contribution record is marked as Cancelled.

So you can now find abandoned set up attempts by searching for Failed recurring payments.


  • Fixed issue in certain use cases that resulted in the First Name field not being pre-populated (issue #45). Also further thanks to Aidan for knotty discussions on membership.

  • Fixed issue that caused other payment processors' configuration forms to not save. (issue #49)

1.6 "stable"!

  • Membership now supported thanks to work by William Mortada @wmortada and Aidan Saunders @aydun, and this extension is in production use by quite a few organisations so calling this release stable.

  • GoCardless forms are now pre-filled with address, email, phone numbers if you have collected those details before passing on to GoCardless. Thanks to Vitiligo Society for funding this work.

  • Updated GoCardlessPro library to 1.7.0 just to keep up-to-date.


Should now respect a limited number of installments. Previous versions will set up an open-ended subscription. You may not have wanted that ;-) Also updated GoCardlessPro library from 1.2.0 to 1.6.0 GoCardlessPro changelog should not have broken anything.