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Install this extension


Different versions of CiviCRM require different versions of this GoCardless extension. This assumes that your CiviCRM is up-to-date.

This extension can be installed from within CiviCRM itself (assuming your implementation allows that, some do not for security reasons).


You can install manually or from the git repo (developers) but see notes

In your CiviCRM site, go to Administer » System Settings » Extensions then visit the Add New tab. You can see the CiviCRM user manual for details: Installing extensions.

GoCardless Direct Debit Payment Processor should be listed there, click the Download link and then confirm that you wish to install it.

Set up a Payment Processor

Go to Administer » CiviContribute » Payment Processors then click Add New

  • select GoCardless from the Payment Processor Type

  • name: e.g. GoCardless Direct Debit

  • title: e.g. Direct Debit (uses GoCardless)

  • financial account: choose GoCardless Account

  • Payment Method: select GoCardless Direct Debit

Next follows two "Processor Details" sections. For this you'll need two distinct, separate, secure new passwords that you are not using anywhere else. Definitely don't use your GoCardless password!

Processor Details for Live Payments

For now, we don't have details for the Live Payments section, but we must put something in.


Do NOT put your test credentials in here. It won't do what you think it will. You have been warned.

  • API Access Token: enter not yet. Once you have a live access token you can replace this with that.

  • Webhook secret: enter a new, secure password.

  • Site URL, API URL, Recurring Payments URL: these should all be left as their defaults are.

Processor Details for Test Payments

  • API Access Token: copy and paste the access token you got from your GoCardless sandbox account earlier. Your access token probably looks like sandbox_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Note that this is NOT the password for your GoCardless account.

  • Webhook secret: enter a new, secure password that is *NOT the same as the one above*.

  • Site URL, API URL, Recurring Payments URL: these should all be left as their defaults are.

Save your new Payment Processor

Click Save. You should now see your payment processor listed.

Next step

Set up your webhooks